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A warm welcome to a land of legend, a place where people and gods live in synchronicity! KamiCritters is a series of games in which you can meet a whole plethora of squishy critters and take them on exciting adventures. With all sorts of kami to collect and each game bringing something unique to both casual and hardcore gamers alike; there really is a home for everyone here. All our games are free to download and play, so what are you waiting for? Don't be shy, choose one of the kami below and dive in now!

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Everything you know, even the things you have yet to discover, they all have a purpose; a special role to play. The world has a delicate balance that needs to be protected and the kami are born from this will.

Each kami is the celestial manifestation of its ward, a representation in its purest form. From gorillas to lemons and even love, they all have guardian kami, sworn to protect them. There are all kinds of kami to befriend, each with a unique personality... there are even kami that haven't been discovered by anyone yet!



The best thing about the KamiCritters series is that any kami you meet will be a part of all your adventures! The Adori you met in KamiDrop could well end up being the star of your KamiQuest on the PS5!


Over time the series will grow to include a kami game to cover your every mood, each one more ambitious than the last. So why invest your time into a game that will be redundant in a couple of years, when you could be making friends for life?

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Make friends for life as you fall through magical worlds!
KamiDrop is inspired by the coin-drop games that are popular in arcades across the world. Using that familiar mechanic as the base, we've created innovative worlds filled with surprises and challenges that will change how you play every time!


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Meet all sorts of new friends in KamiMatch, just make sure you get to know them quickly!
Every kami has a unique coin and it's your job to match each one with the correct kami before they fall off the conveyor belt. Sounds simple right? Let's just say that there's more info coming soon...


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An endless runner with a big twist!
As you know, the kami have minds of their own, you can't control them, so instead you must manipulate the environment in all sorts of ways to help them reach their destination safely. Check back soon to find out more!

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